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Caravan Park Emergency Planning and Preparedness

Emergencies do happen in Caravan parks

Caravan Park Emergency Planning and Preparedness

Within the state of Victoria, emergency planning requirements within caravan parks are regulated by the Residential Tenancies (Caravan Parks and Movable Dwellings Registration and Standards) Regulations 2010.   These regulations are made by the Residential Tenancies Act 1997.

An emergency management plan must be prepared by a caravan park owner in consultation with the relevant emergency services agencies.  These regulations require among other things, the caravan park owner to;

  • conduct a risk assessment
  • develop suitable measures to reduce the emergency risk
  • develop emergency procedures to be followed by the caravan park owner on receiving a public emergency warning or in the event of an emergency, including communications measures, response measures and evacuation procedures.
  • display emergency procedures and public emergency warnings

There are various sources of information available to assist with the development of Emergency Management Plans.  AS 3745 Planning for emergencies in facilities is commonly used along with templates provided by the government and various agencies.

EPESA has recently conducted several emergency exercises at Caravan Parks in Victoria.  We discovered that most staff had not previously participated in emergency exercises, nor read the emergency management plan.  As a result, several issues were identified including, confusion with emergency management structures, communications, roles and responsibilities, evacuation and assembly areas.

Be prepared for all emergencies. Contact EPESA for assistance with your emergency planning, training and exercise requirements.

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