About EPESA - Australia's business continuity specialists
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Our Story

EPESA was established in 2016 by Alex Robertson, Paul Welshe and Barry Foss. All of our Directors are well qualified and experienced and share a passion for public safety. We strongly believe in sharing our knowledge, skills and experiences to improve the resilience of business and importantly individuals in times of emergencies.

Why choose EPESA?

• We are passionate about public safety
• We believe that Emergency Plans should not just sit on shelves
• We remain independent from those developing emergency plans
• We specialise in testing/exercising emergency plans
• We offer a flexible range of solutions and services to exercise emergency management plans in order to meet our client’s needs
• We have vast experience (over 100 year combined) in all hazards emergency management and incident investigations in the public and private sectors
• Our team members are qualified in training and assessment and have completed the Australian Emergency Management Institute course on managing exercises.
• We understand strategies required to build resilience
• We utilise relevant lessons learned from past incidents and experience to assist organisations with continuous improvement
• We understand that the characteristics of the human mind are very POORLY matched to the characteristics of “emergency situations” and as such exercises are conducted in a no blame environment
• We introduce unique approaches to testing emergency plans such as pre-mortems
• We respect the requirements of confidentiality and security of information

Our Code of Conduct defines what we stand for and believe in. The uncompromising ethical standards we uphold are built upon our values-based culture that protects our greatest asset – our reputation for acting with the highest values and principles.

Our values- based culture incorporates:

  • RESPECT (the power of due regard) – We value people.
  • CUSTOMER FOCUSED (the power of listening) – We listen to customer needs.
  • INTEGRITY (the power of honesty) – We do the right thing.
  • EXCELLENCE (the power of quality) – We set and achieve ambitious goals.
  • COMMITMENT (the power of responsibility) – We embrace our responsibilities

Meet our experienced and dedicated team.


Alex Robertson


Paul Welshe


Barry Foss