EPESA - Reasons to test business emergency management procedures
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Why Exercise?

  • Test or evaluate existing or changed plans and preparedness programs relating to both on and off site incidents
  • Changes in operating hours of a facility
  • Alterations or additions to a facility (e.g. increased space)
  • Changes in staffing levels (increase or decrease) which may impact on emergency roles during the operating hours of the facility
  • Changes in the environment (new businesses/industries moving into the area)
  • Develop staff competencies and provide opportunities to perform identified roles
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Measure improvement compared to performance objectives
  • Identify planning, procedural, training or skills gaps
  • Obtain participant feedback and recommendations for improvement
  • Improve coordination between internal and external teams, organisations and entities
  • Increase awareness and understanding of hazards and the potential impacts of hazards
  • Meet moral or legislative obligations for the safety of staff, clients, visitors, contractors and public safety
  • Identify a location and alternative locations for the management of the incident prior to the arrival of control/support agencies